• 5 Big Myths Of Bacon! Posted on August 14, 2015

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    5 Big Myths Of Bacon! Bacon is a weirdly personal taste, possibly more so than any other food. That's one reason people often define themselves by it, and not just portly men with circle beards. Even aside from its use in identity politics, it works as something of a cool meter. Nobody who leaves Bacon uneaten on their plate will likely be good in bed, to take just one example. But if you are really going to take your Baconquest to a higher plane, there are a few Bacon myths and mistakes you have to leave behind.

    1. There are no "must haves" with Bacon...I've eaten Bacon from commodity pigs that made me happier than Bacon from purebred Duroc or Berkshire hogs. I've eaten jowl Bacon that was better than belly Bacon. Bacon cares not for your ideals, aspirations, or social standing. It is a straight-up fetish object, and as such not subject to higher brain function.

    Click here for more: http://www.esquire.com/food-drink/food/a34624/most-common-bacon-mistakes-myths/

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