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    Always Better! Everything is always better with bacon, right? But if so, how much? And are any foods actually worse with bacon?

    We calculated the answer, following a simple methodology that made the most of the 906,539 ratings onfoodnetwork.com. First, we searched out all the recipes that fit a certain description-—sandwiches, for example. Then, we calculated the average rating for those foods if they did not include the word “bacon.” We ran the numbers again using only recipes that did include bacon. The results were pretty great. Of all the foods we analyzed, bacon lends the most improvement to sandwiches. Many other foods also benefitted. In fact, we found that when you crunch the data for all recipes, those with bacon do in fact rate higher.

    No surprises here! There are plenty of reasons why sandwiches might benefit the most; their slapped-together construction allows the bacon to stay crispy. Things get a little more dicey in salads and vegetables, which can let the bacon get soggy. The only foods that get worse with bacon? Pasta and desserts. An educated guess: It’s because bacon pastas are typically finicky cream sauces that are difficult to get right. And desserts often seem to render bacon fat into a congealed mess.

    see more: http://www.wired.com/design/2013/10/bacon-is-a-miracle-food/

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