• Atomic Buffalo Turds! Posted on March 05, 2015

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    Atomic Buffalo Turds! AKA Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos! ABT’s have been all over BBQ circles for years and many people seem to have their own variation on these bite size treats. It is hard to describe these little delights to someone who has never had them before. I like jalapeno poppers as much as anyone, but these ABTs kick basic jalapeno poppers into the ground. They are seriously that good.

    The smokie is part of what makes the ABTs so much better than your standard popper. It is the combination of flavors in the smokie, Bacon, cheese filling and jalapeno pepper that make every bite outstanding. Smoking these guys in my Electric Bradley Smoker enhances the flavor even more. It is possible to bake these in the oven or grill them but they do not hold a candle to the smoked version. I am not a fan of them grilled as the temperature needs to be low so that the jalapeno can be cooked through. Most grills struggle to have a low heat (below 250F) and the ABTs can have the bacon overcooked and the jalapeno under cooked.

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