• Bacon Apple Tart For Breakfast! Posted on September 03, 2015

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    Bacon Apple Tart For Breakfast! So Saturday morning I whipped together a Breakfast Bacon and Apple Tart. The flakey crust satisfied my craving for both biscuits and hash browns. The spread of cream cheese was reminiscent of a bagel, the apples of apple pie, and the Bacon screamed breakfast.

    With only two people to the whole tart it was quite filling. It was a nice change to our usual weekend breakfast. Hubby had his Bacon, the apples made it feel healthy - and that made me feel like I was sticking to my diet. It was an all around winner.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.theluckypennyblog.com/2011/02/breakfast-bacon-apple-tart.html

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