• Bacon Beer Cheese Soup! Posted on March 23, 2018

    Tagged as: Cheese chicken Recipe

    Bacon Beer Cheese Soup! Sometimes I am brilliant on the fly. You know what I mean, you are rushed for dinner and you start pulling things out of your fridge and pantry and create the most spectacular dinner ever. Other nights you get stuck in one mindset. OK, I have chicken and need to make soup. Hmmm.... Chicken noodle soup. Luckily this week Bubba was incredibly inspiring. We threw some ideas around and then he said: Bacon, chicken cheese. OH YAY! I got that. Before I knew what hit me I had a pot on the stove and I was making 25 Minute Bacon Beer Cheese Soup with Chicken.

    Click here for this recipe: https://www.justapinch.com/recipes/soup/soup-chicken-soup/25-minute-bacon-beer-cheese-soup-with.html

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