• Bacon & Beer Mussels! Posted on September 07, 2017

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    Bacon & Beer Mussels! Facts about mussels- Mussels are a good substitute for clams or oysters in a recipe.

    Mussel juice is delicious and can be drunk hot; it’s particularly tasty when mixed with a little melted butter, and can also be consumed chilled with tomato juice.

    Although clams and oysters are sometimes eaten raw, mussels are usually cooked. (Note: Except in Africa, where the women and children often eat raw mussels on the rocks.)

    While wild mussels need quite thorough cleaning, cultivated mussels need only be rinsed in cold water.

    Mussels are delicious when pan-fried, too. To pan-fry, heat the pan, melt some butter then add the mussel meat and sauté until brown – two to three minutes.

    But the best recipe is Mussels with Bacon and beer broth - they are out of this world!!!

    facts courtesy of: http://www.wildcoast.co.za/facts-about-mussels

    Click here for this recipe: http://peimussel.com/recipes/mains-entrees/87-Bacon-and-Beer-Mussels

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