• Bacon Bourbon Bbq Chicken Kabobs! Posted on May 19, 2015

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    Bacon Bourbon Bbq Chicken Kabobs! I once thought that recipes including Bacon were pretty straight forward. You’d just fry up some meaty goodness in its own fat, crumble it up if you’d like, and mix it in. Then I found out about Bacon Jam, and then about using Bacon grease in soups, and most recently, Bacon Paste. It’s a whole new world. (I’m just brimming with Disney references today.)

    In this recipe, the Bacon adds so much flavor and juiciness to the chicken, and when topped off with a little bourbon-infused barbecue sauce, there’s nothing better. My family demands that I make these again– not just once, but all summer long– because they are that good. They won’t have to ask me twice.

    Click here for this recipe: http://hostthetoast.com/bacon-bourbon-bbq-chicken-kebabs/

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