• Bacon Buffalo Blue Cheese Guacamole! Posted on December 28, 2015

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    Bacon Buffalo Blue Cheese Guacamole! I made you something evil with avocados. And delicious. And easy. And creamy. And garlicky. And smokey. Because the super bowl is just around the corner…or so I hear. And because I’m a guacamole lover not a hater. This recipe is my go-to guacamole recipe but on crack.

    I added Bacon, blue cheese and hot sauce to this version and created something ri-donk-ulous. People *will* go crazy for this guac because it’s different than regular guacamole but just as addicting. I fed this to company and here’s how that went down:

    me: “I made weird guacamole…”

    visitors try weird guacamole

    visitor: “this is pretty good.”

    visitors take another bite of weird guacamole

    visitor: “this is REALLY good!”

    True fact.

    Find this recipe here: http://www.laurenslatest.com/buffalo-bacon-blue-cheese-guacamole/

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