• Bacon Caramel Apple Grilled Cheese! Posted on October 21, 2014

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    Bacon Caramel Apple Grilled Cheese! Today is National Caramel Apple Day! That combo of tart juicy apples with sweet caramel sauce is simply irresistible and the the sweet and savoury apple and cheddar combo is not too far behind so why not combine the two? This sandwich is really easy to make, simply combining cheddar cheese, sliced apples and caramel sauce in a grilled cheese! Although the caramel apple grilled cheese sandwich is amazing all by itself, you can make it even more decadent by adding Bacon; where the salty Bacon balances the tart apple and sweet caramel sauce nicely.

    See this recipe here: http://www.closetcooking.com/2013/04/caramel-apple-grilled-cheese-sandwich.html

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