• Bacon Chipotle Espresso Truffles! Posted on February 13, 2017

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    Bacon Chipotle Espresso Truffles! A smoldering-sweet bite of Bacon, chipotle and espresso create a dramatic truffle perfect to 'wow' for any occasion especially Valentine's Day!

    They could be called ‘Southwestern Truffles’ or ‘Urban Breakfast Truffles’ and that might be more smooth but the three core ingredients meld together to yield a triumvirate of bold flavor. The chipotle comes on slowly building to a nice heat without blowing one’s head off. The Bacon lends to a familiar association with the hominess we love about weekend breakfasts, without taking over. And the espresso threads through all with an earthy, primal, rustic quality making these a different kind of confection. Made with high-quality bittersweet chocolate they are almost bordering on a savory truffle. They taste serious, flirting with being sweet only. I love them and hope you will too!

    P.S. I garnish them with more Bacon!

    Click here for this recipe: http://boulderlocavore.com/bacon-chipotle-espresso-truffles-valentines-food-artisan-giveaway/

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