• Bacon 'dog' W/ Jalapeno Jelly! Posted on February 01, 2018

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    Bacon 'dog' W/ Jalapeno Jelly! Everything about this sounds delish...but the best part is the "dog" is just a thick slab of BACON! My kind of hot dog!

    Andrew Zimmern’s catering company, Passport Hospitality, serves this pork-belly version of a hot dog at AZ Canteen locations in Minneapolis. “We’ve been serving that for 15 years, and it’s probably one of our best-selling dishes in our stadium concessions,” says Zimmern. “The slaw, the Bacon and the jalapeno jelly is such an awesome trio of elements that go together so well.” To make this at home, you’ll need a large chunk of slab Bacon that you can cut into hefty strips. Order it ahead of time from your butcher or online.

    Find this recipe here: https://parade.com/631437/alison-ashton/bacon-dog-with-jalapeno-jelly-and-vinegar-slaw/

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