• Bacon Egg Sammie W/ Spinach & Brie! Posted on January 07, 2017

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    Bacon Egg Sammie W/ Spinach & Brie! I won’t lie to you, this is a messy one to eat, but man, is it worth every single drip and spatter. You toast up the muffins and while they are still warm, spread on some nice soft Brie. Yes, on both sides.

    Let them sit there while you slather some maple syrup on the Bacon and cook it in the oven. While the Bacon is cooking, saute some baby spinach until it is nice and soft, and then cook up some eggs, over easy – as hard or soft as you like. I like soft, myself.

    Now slide the egg onto the bottom half of the muffin, lay some spinach over the egg, and a couple of maple Bacon pieces over the spinach. Pop the other muffin half on top. At this point, the heat of everything is going to start turning that cheese into a melty sauce of molten Brie, and you may start to weep a little in anticipation. This is normal. Now sit down and get ready to eat the best egg sandwich in the world.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.framedcooks.com/2011/02/egg-sandwich-with-spinach-brie-and.html

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