• Bacon Jam Baked Brie! Posted on January 04, 2018

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    Bacon Jam Baked Brie! Bacon jam is a is a magical jam substance made with plenty of Bacon, along with hints of maple syrup, coffee and chipotle chili heat that is perfect for eating by the spoonful and slathering on toast or in sandwiches. I usually like to just hoard all of the Bacon jam for myself but it also makes for a great gifts and it can also be nice to share some at a gathering, especially when served warm on top of an ocean of melted brie cheese!

    Baked brie could not be easier, you simply place a full wheel of brie in a baking pan, top it with a topping, like Bacon jam, and bake it until the cheese melts! I like to serve this Bacon jam baked brie along with a spoon and tasty crackers for scooping up all of that melted cheese and Bacon jam!

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.closetcooking.com/2017/12/bacon-jam-baked-brie.html

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