• Bacon Popcorn! Posted on August 01, 2015

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    Bacon Popcorn! Off to the drive in movies tonight? Watching a movie at home? Well then, you have to make popcorn! So why not make it one better- Bacon popcorn!! To make this popcorn taste Bacony goodness in every bite, I use Bacon salt.

    Bacon salt? I love the slogan on the packaging “Everything should taste like Bacon“. Best of all its low sodium, all natural, vegetarian, and kosher! I too was shocked at the vegetarian claim, but it really is. It has a strong smokey taste to it and has very little salt to the seasoning. Think of a smoky seasoning more than salty. In my popcorn recipe you’ll notice I added sea salt to my recipe because I felt it needed some real salt. Making popcorn at home is really easy and way more cost effective than the bagged variety. Throughout the years, I’ve done some research and have figured out what gives homemade popcorn that movie theater taste, and believe it or not its coconut oil! It might seem odd, but coconut oil gives that buttery flavor without all the butter. In fact this recipe has no butter at all–just loads of Bacon goodness.

    See full recipe here: http://www.katiescucina.com/2014/02/bacon-popcorn/

    Need Bacon Salt? Click here: http://www.baconaddicts.com/products/original-bacon-salt-flavored-seasoning

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