• Bacon Poutine! Posted on February 09, 2015

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    Bacon Poutine! I usually make my home poutines with tater tots, but there weren't any at the store, so I subbed in curly fries (a close second) instead. Tater-tot awareness is very important for anyone looking to DIY this at home.

    So, gravy is super-fun to make. Using Bacon fat, watching it swirl together and thicken, rich with cream and fresh buttermilk... then pouring it over the crunchiest fries, riddled with those glorious curds and chunks of crunchy savory Bacon!

    Find this recipe here: http://www.sevendaysvt.com/BiteClub/archives/2015/02/03/farmers-market-kitchen-naughty-bacon-poutine

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