• Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Eggs! Posted on May 10, 2019

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    Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Eggs! Bacon Wrapped Armadillo Eggs are like a jalapeno popper meatball mashup. Filling enough to be a main dish, but portable enough to make as appetizers, snacks, or tailgating munchies.

    Armadillo eggs are a classic Texas BBQ staple. Filled jalapenos are wrapped in pork sausage and smoked low over oak. Each pitmaster has their own secrets, of course. The jalapeno filling may have a special blend of cheeses, the sausage may be seasoned with a secret blend of spices, and they may or may not be brushed with BBQ sauce during the smoking process.

    This recipe from hey grill Hey brings a little more pork to the party by wrapping the armadillo eggs with Bacon!

    See the recipe here: https://heygrillhey.com/bacon-wrapped-armadillo-eggs/

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