• Bacon Wrapped Doritos Breaded Onion Rings! Posted on April 29, 2015

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    Bacon Wrapped Doritos Breaded Onion Rings! A little over a year ago I made some Doritos Crusted Chicken Strips — which were awesome by the way — and seeing as how that post still gets tons of views I’m always trying to think of new foods that could benefit from a crispy Doritos breading.

    I’ve already followed the original recipe up with Doritos Crusted Bacon and a Doritos Breaded Burger, but this time I wanted something more than just a Doritos breading. Seeing as how I’m a terrible cook though I went with one thing that I actually know how to do extremely well — wrapping things in Bacon! Plus, as I already learned from the Doritos Crusted Bacon, Doritos and Bacon go together like an old lady and 17 cats. (Sorry, I’m as terrible at analogies as I am at cooking).

    Click here to find out how: http://dudefoods.com/bacon-wrapped-doritos-breaded-onion-rings/

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