• Bacon Wrapped French Toast! Posted on April 17, 2016

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    Bacon Wrapped French Toast! I was having a late brunch for a fairly large group of people…and feel that brunch truly is not brunch without French Toast and Bacon…One of my FAVE things on the planet. However I did not want to spend the entire time over the stove cooking, after all, there were Mimosa’s tp drink…And if you make them up ahead of time and just heat them, they are soggy and quite simply just gross.

    So I came up with a really simple way of making this FABOOSH brunch staple into a single serve , help yourself item…PUT THEM ON A STICK!!

    Here is how to make FABOOSH Bacon Wrapped French Toast: http://www.ghettofoodie.com/fromCocktailDeeva/2013/04/01/bacon-wrapped-french-toast-oui-oui/

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