• Bacon Wrapped Fried Chicken! Posted on July 06, 2013

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    Bacon Wrapped Fried Chicken! Today is National Fried Chicken Day, so how about Bacon Wrapped Fried Chicken? In my house, bacon is a STAPLE!!! I have to keep it on hand all the time!!! I am constantly figuring out new ways to use it…and this week was no exception!!!

    I have been “playing” with some new favs and this is one that the hubby and kids do NOT want me to forget to make!!!
    It’s bacon wrapped boneless fried chicken, and it is YUMMMMMMMY!!!!!!


    4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
    Bacon slices, uncooked
    2 cups flour
    seasonings (i use: salt, pepper, season-all, and PAPRIKA)
    1 cup milk (in all my recipes i use 2%)
    oil for frying


    Pound out breasts till thin, place flour and seasonings in “dredging” dish. Pour milk in separate dredging dish. Wrap each breast with bacon slices to cover, making sure seams end up down, dip in milk (i did NOT use an “egg-wash” ONLY milk), dredge in flour, place SEAM OF BACON SIDE DOWN in hot oil on skillet.

    I kind of “pushed down” a little on each breast when I placed it in the oil to ensure the bacon would “stick” to the breast, cook on medium to medium low heat (covered) for approx. 8-10 min, turn and repeat!!!! It’s juicy, boneless, and YUMMY!!!!!!

    see more: http://www.texansunited.com/comanche/2012/09/10/bacon-wrapped-fried-chicken-recipe/

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