• Bacon Wrapped Pork Belly! Posted on September 06, 2015

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    Bacon Wrapped Pork Belly! I am on a roll now! A Bacon roll...seeing all these wonderfully succulent recipes all over the internet for International Bacon Day yesterday, I just have to share!

    When you love Bacon, you can never have too much. This love is deep, and it goes way beyond the breakfast table.

    And while we Bacon Addicts might be content to dress up our sandwiches, salads, veggies and more with this most glorious of creations -- Bacon is a team player, after all, and makes everything better -- sometimes it's important to enjoy Bacon by itself.

    Friends, you really have to try Bacon-wrapped pork belly. It's Bacon wrapped around Bacon. Bacon-squared. Proof, yes, that a higher power loves us and really does want us to be happy. And it's magical.

    Click here for the recipe: http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-bacon-wrapped-pork-belly-20150827-story.html

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