• Bacon Wrapped Pretzels! Posted on March 05, 2016

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    Bacon Wrapped Pretzels! When I first saw this recipe I said to myself, "How can this be bad?"...and you know what? It can't be bad...it's absolutely delicious! You just can't go wrong with Bacon wrapped around a pretzel rod! And this is not just Bacon! It's Bacon coated with brown sugar, chili powder and cayenne pepper!

    As the Bacon cooks it soaks into the pretzel rod, making it slightly soft! The sugar coating tastes like a really good smoky/sweet barbecue sauce! This is such a unique, fun, snack! I'll be serving these at my next party!

    Find this recipe here: http://www.myrecipejourney.com/2013/04/bacon-wrapped-pretzels.html

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