• Bacon Wrapped Turkey! Posted on November 18, 2014

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    Bacon Wrapped Turkey! While the thought of a golden brown and crispy Bacon wrapped bird sitting atop your holiday table might be delightful….that’s NOT what’s going to happen here! {Stick with me and don’t do the pouty lip thing}

    Trust me when I say that you DON’T want Bacon that’s been roasted 4-6 hours! Please don’t do that to yourself…..

    Bacon serves a very specific purpose in my recipe and it’s taken me several years to combine all the pieces and parts that make my recipe work.

    Let me just say, that when it comes to turkey…I’m proud to announce that I’m now a middle-roader! The white meat is JUST as tasty as the dark meat. Juicy, packed with flavor and quite simply divine.

    Find this recipe here: http://modernmrscleaver.com/2013/11/12/bacon-wrapped-holiday-turkey/

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