• Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast! Posted on March 10, 2016

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    Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast! A 2-3 pound turkey breast, however, is just right for a meal or two, plus a couple of sandwiches. Of course turkey breast is extremely lean, so I had some concerns that it might dry out while roasting. I did two things to help prevent this from happening. First I brined the turkey for a couple of hours, to add moisture and enhance the flavor of the meat. Next, I decided to blanket the breast with woven Bacon strips while it roasted. Whether it was the superior nature of pastured turkey, the brine, or the Bacon…it turned out juicy and very tasty!

    The next day, we sliced up some leftover turkey and Bacon for sandwiches! Mmmm Bacon and turkey, my new favorite!

    Click here for this recipe: http://shecookshecleans.net/2013/02/10/bacon-wrapped-turkey-breast/

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