• Bacon Wrapped Whiskey Wings! Posted on February 04, 2017

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    Bacon Wrapped Whiskey Wings! Buffalo wings have no flaws. I'll admit that. They are the perfect football snack -- greasy, spicy, and a fantastic vessel for ranch dressing (unlike those limp celery sticks wings are forced to share plate real estate with). And every wing gives you that little unnecessary-but-still-welcome nudge to drink another beer.

    But, dammit, this is America, and if we settled every time we thought something was "good enough" we never would have put a man on the moon, or created the Domino's 30-minute guarantee, or invented those little Sriracha keychains so you can hot sauce your burrito while driving.

    My point is, sometimes you just have to take shit up a notch. Sometimes, you have to crank that gnarliness dial all the way up to 11, ride the lightning, and get weird with it and all that good stuff. Sometimes, you have to wrap all your chicken wings in Bacon and then cover them in whiskey sauce. Do it for football. Do it for America. Do it for yourself, man.

    Click here for this recipe: https://www.thrillist.com/recipe/nation/bacon-wrapped-chicken-wings-super-bowl-recipe

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