• Black Eyed Peas With Jalapeno Bacon! Posted on January 13, 2016

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    Black Eyed Peas With Jalapeno Bacon! Texans eat black-eyed peas for good fortune at this time of the year, I’ve been trying to think of a fun dish to share. While I’m always fond of my stand-by pot of black-eyed peas, which is made with Bacon and jalapeños, sometimes I want to cook up something fresh and new.

    All my life, my family has cooked their black-eyed peas with Bacon. Some like salt pork or ham hocks in their black-eyed peas, but we’ve always been Bacon people. Over the years, I’ve embellished on the original by including garlic and jalapeños, and following my mom’s lead with her pinto beans, I finish it off with a splash of jalapeño pickle juice. But those additions aside, this familiar pot of black-eyed peas is my default whenever I get a craving.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.homesicktexan.com/2015/12/black-eyed-peas-wth-bacon-and-jalapenos.html

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