• Canned Bacon?! Posted on August 17, 2013

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    Canned Bacon?! Commercial Claims The Product is “Greasy-Delicious”

    This zany commercial for Yoders Canned Bacon is as bizarre as it is fascinating. We have yet to come across canned bacon in the grocery store, but we’re sure it tastes just like D’Artagnan’s applewood smoked variety (not). Each camo print can of Yoders bacon contains 40 to 50 slices of fully cooked and drained 100% U.S. bacon. With a shelf life in excess of TEN YEARS (!!), Yoders Canned Bacon is perfect if you’re prepping for Doomsday, or if you’re into camping, hiking, hunting, and the like. Get a can of Yoders, buy a couple packets of just-add-water beer concentrate, and you’ve got yourself a balanced on-the-go meal.

    Are you a doomsday prepper? You KNOW bacon has to be on the list.


    See commercial here: http://firstwefeast.com/eat/video-of-the-day-canned-bacon-commercial-claims-the-product-is-greasy-delicious/

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