• Cheddar Mac & Cheese W/ Bacon Crumble! Posted on June 10, 2017

    Tagged as: Cheddar Cheese Kids Recipe

    Cheddar Mac & Cheese W/ Bacon Crumble! My kids totally go gaga for this macaroni and cheese! And guess what? My husband does too! I think we all are in love with mac ‘n cheese, especially when we get creative in toss in additions like Bacon, veggies, and even ground hamburger. As long as you have the 4 kinds of cheese in place you can personalize this yummy casserole anyway that you see fit. I have a dozen or so different variations for this recipe. How will you make yours?

    See my version of this recipe here: http://recipepatch.com/4-cheddar-mac-n-cheese-spiked-bacon-crumbles/2/

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