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    Cheesy Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs Looking for an easy and delicious 4th of July recipe? Look no further! These cheesy bacon wrapped hot dogs are awesome! How could they not beā€¦Cheese and Bacon...YUM!

    I used Oscar Mayer Bun Length hot dogs. I'm really not sure why all hot dogs aren't bun length. Doesn't make sense.

    Anyway, I stuffed each hot dog with American cheese and wrapped each dog in two slices of precooked bacon. You can use any cheese you like. I used American cheese because it melts so much better than other cheeses. I also highly suggest using the precooked bacon (or cook it yourself) so the bacon gets nice and crispy. I am not a fan of chewy bacon!

    The dogs can be prepared ahead of time and baked when you are ready for them. They would be a great addition to your 4th of July celebration or just a quick Summer lunch!

    Recipe for 8 dogs:

    8 hot dogs (Oscar Mayer Bun Length)
    3 slices American cheese, cut into strips
    16 slices precooked bacon
    8 hot dog buns

    Preheat oven to 450.

    Slit hot dogs lengthwise down the middle, but not all the way through. Stuff cheese strips into slit. Wrap 2 slices of bacon around each hot dog, securing with toothpicks.

    Bake hot dogs for 10 minutes. Serve in buns with desired toppings.

    thanks to: http://www.plainchicken.com/2013/06/cheesy-bacon-wrapped-hot-dogs.html

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