• Chocolate Bacon Toffee Ice Cream! Posted on June 07, 2015

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    Chocolate Bacon Toffee Ice Cream! Since I love Bacon and chocolate together, making it a chocolate ice cream base was an easy decision to make. To add more texture and another layer of flavor, I decided to also include some sugar free toffee pieces (I used Russell Stover brand which I purchased at Walmart.)

    Finally, to keep the Bacon from softening in the ice cream, I insulated it by covering it in melted Lindt 90% chocolate and chilling it until hardened.

    Then I chopped it up and stirred it, along with the sugar free toffee pieces, into the ice cream in the final 2 minutes of churning.

    The verdict? AWESOMESAUCE! The Lindt adds a pleasing bitter counterpart to the silky sweet ice cream, salty Bacon, and sweet, crunchy toffee pieces. This is definitely my best low carb ice cream creation to date!

    For the best results, it’s important to use a high quality Bacon for this recipe, and to cook it until fully crisp and brittle before adding it to the melted chocolate.

    Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

    Click here for the recipe: http://www.ibreatheimhungry.com/2014/02/low-carb-chocolate-bacon-toffee-ice-cream.html

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