• Christmas Bacon Candy! Posted on December 17, 2018

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    Christmas Bacon Candy! Well, since it’s that “holiday” time of year again, it only makes sense to include our favorite multi-purpose meat into the munching mix of tasty treats. .. right?!

    YES.. that’s right! I’m talking about BACON. Good old Bacon deserves its own holiday feature, so it can sparkle and shine, as it brings such joy to everyone ..as it always does. Oh Bite It added all of our typical holiday flavor-suspects, to create a one of a kind, sweet, salty, whimsical, and delicious holiday treat like nothing you’ve ever had.

    Crispy and crunchy.. sweetly spiced with a little chew at the end… this will quickly become a holiday favorite! Whip up a batch of this festive fare to give out as little holiday treats, or simply to bring as a hostess gift.

    Read more here: https://ohbiteit.com/2017/12/christmas-bacon-candy.html

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