• Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark! Posted on December 12, 2016

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    Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark! I have recently learned that Bacon really does make everything taste better. Now, I know people have been talking about it for like, forever now, but I just recently got it.

    I seriously didn’t understand this phenomenon before now. But then I started going to a cooking class. And they were incorporating Bacon is some pretty great and unexpected ways!

    Can we talk chocolate for a moment? I have been a lover of this magical ingredient for decades. It goes with nearly everything! Including Bacon? At least, that’s what my initial reaction was. But yes, it really does! And it is so incredibly good.

    And salt. Let’s not forget the other half of this sweet and salty equation. And yes, I do realize that Bacon has enough on it’s own, but a little more is really a good thing here!

    This is super easy to make, and super hard to resist! Make it, it's National Cocoa Day today!

    Find this recipe here: http://www.ilovemydisorganizedlife.com/dark-chocolate-bacon-bark-with-sea-salt/

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