• Garlic Basil Bacon Wrapped Shrimp! Posted on May 10, 2013

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    Garlic Basil Bacon Wrapped Shrimp! Celebrate National Shrimp Day with this super easy and yummy snack - you only need four ingredients! Serve it as an impressive finger food for a party, an appetizer or a main dish.


    Jumbo Shrimp
    Minced Garlic
    Dried Basil

    If shrimp are frozen, defrost. Peel shrimp leaving the tail intact. De-vein if necessary.

    Place the shrimp in a glass or plastic bowl. Sprinkle generously with diced dried garlic and dried sweet basil. Stir, cover and refrigerate for 1 hour or more.

    In the meantime, slightly precook bacon. For each shrimp precook one slice of bacon just enough to remove some of the fat but do not actually crisp the bacon. I do mine on paper towels in the microwave for about 1 ½ minutes and it comes out perfect. This will help the bacon cook more quickly on the grill so you won't have to overcook the shrimp to get the bacon done. Cool the bacon before wrapping the shrimp.

    Wrap one slice of bacon around each shrimp and skewer. If you use wooden skewers be sure and soak them in water for 30 minutes to prevent them from burning.

    Grill until Bacon is done to you liking!


    Recipe shared from: http://www.gather.com/viewArticle.action?articleId=281474977193118

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