• Halloween Is Coming! Posted on October 11, 2013

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    Halloween Is Coming! Bacon...it's not just for breakfast anymore!! If you love Halloween as much as you love Bacon, then you are really going to enjoy these bacon costumes!!

    There is a Bacon costume for everyone: Adult Bacon Strip Unisex Costume, Bacon & Egg Couples Costume, Men's Bacon Suit, Women's Bacon Dress, Baby Bacon Costume and of course even one for your pet! (barking bacon?).

    Over thew next few weeks we will be highlighting each one of these individually, but check out our costume guide below if you want to get a head-start!

    SEE ALL BACON COSTUMES HERE: http://bit.ly/17hQvNL

    Adults (unisex) Bacon Strip Costume: http://bit.ly/1hqz8yX

    Couple's Bacon & Egg Costume: http://bit.ly/1aq8svE

    Men's Bacon Suit: http://bit.ly/18CqziG

    Women's Bacon Dress: http://bit.ly/19nwWJu

    Baby "Bacon Bit" Costume: http://bit.ly/15QSo3q

    Pet Bacon Costume: http://bit.ly/177b1Qd


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