• High Five Bacon Noodles! Posted on October 06, 2014

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    High Five Bacon Noodles! AKA Chicken Bacon Spinach Dip Pasta with Tomatoes! Happy National Noodle Day!

    I had leftover spinach dip and thought it would be good in pasta, because it would be kind of like hot spinach artichoke dip or pasta. I scoured the internet for "spinach dip pasta" and found a recipe to start from. It turned out so delicious and I'm glad I have a way to use up leftover spinach dip! This pasta is good enough that I'd make (or buy) spinach dip just for this if I didn't have leftovers! The Worcestershire give some oomph and is a must, and don't leave out the tomatoes or Bacon; the tomatoes add some nice tang and the Bacon some great texture and salt.

    Find this recipe here: http://lindstewfoodies.blogspot.com/2010/06/high-five-noodles.html

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