• Honey Mustard Glazed Chicks In A Blanket! Posted on July 18, 2015

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    Honey Mustard Glazed Chicks In A Blanket! A Couple Weeks Ago, We Went To A Restaurant That Had All You Can Eat Meat, And Not Just Any Meat… Perfectly Cooked, Delicious, Moist And Flavorful Meat. One Of The Meats They Served Was Bacon Wrapped Turkey.It was outstanding! I went home and tried to search out a recipe similar to this when I came across this one from Kayotic Kitchen. I adapted it to what I had on hand and to jazz it up just a bit, and let me tell you, it turned out DELICIOUS. The smell of the marinade cooking made my house smell SO good! I was literally drooling to take a bite of one of them! (not joking). When my hubby got home and saw what I had cooked up, he beamed from ear to ear. I don’t think I have seen him grin that big over food… ever.These would be the perfect party appetizer, game day food, or basically any occasion is a good enough excuse to make these! If my man was smiling that big over these, I know yours will too :)

    Find this recipe here: http://www.chef-in-training.com/2012/08/honey-mustard-glazed-chicks-in-a-blanket/

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