• Mac & Cheese Pulled Pork Bacon Bowl! Posted on February 24, 2016

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    Mac & Cheese Pulled Pork Bacon Bowl! Yup, we made this and it was too good not to share! The best part is it was soooo easy!!

    Someone who loves me, and obviously knows me very well, gave me a Bacon Bowl (yes, as seen on tv) for Valentine's Day. Wanting to put it to good use immediately, I used ingredients I already had laying around the house (leftovers), and came up with this magical combination!!

    I am not going to lie...it was AMAZING!

    I cannot confirm or deny if I ate 3 of these in one sitting.



    Bacon Bowl
    Bacon Strips
    Mac & Cheese
    Pulled pork
    Your favorite BBQ sauce
    (if you do not have a favorite, this Bacon BBQ sauce should be it: http://www.baconaddicts.com/products/honey-apple-bacon-sweet-BBQ-barbecue-sauce)

    I used leftover mac & cheese and pulled pork, but store bought or homemade will work too! Not a fan of these fillings? Fill it with your favorite ingredients (I am fairly certain there is no wrong way to make a Bacon Bowl!).


    Prepare Bacon strips on Bacon Bowl as directed. Continuing with my lazy theme I made mine in the microwave and it made the perfect Bacon basket!

    Fill Bacon basket with warm mac & cheese.

    Pile high with warm pulled pork.

    Top of with your favorite BBQ sauce.

    Devour. Oh you will... trust me.

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