• Maple Bacon Kettle Corn! Posted on February 11, 2016

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    Maple Bacon Kettle Corn! With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, many of you might be racking your brain with ideas for treats to give to your sweetie, but think twice before choosing one of the aforementioned clichés. Instead, go for something outside the heart-shaped box this year: Maple-Bacon kettle corn.

    As the old adage “opposites attract” holds true in many relationships, the saying also proves accurate when combining the basic tastes of sweet and salty. Plus, not everyone is a fan of the typical Valentines fare of chocolates and super sugary candy. The slightly sweet, caramelized sugar-covered popcorn studded with bits of crispy Bacon is sure to satisfy both your sweet tooth and your sweetheart’s salty palate.

    See more and recipe here: http://cltampa.com/tampa/sweet-and-salty-maple-bacon-kettle-corn/Content?oid=2818187#.VrtnilgrKM-

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