• Maple Bacon Monkey Bread! Posted on July 25, 2017

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    Maple Bacon Monkey Bread! Oh my gosh - this Maple Bacon Monkey Bread is AMAZING!!! It makes a great addition to a weekend breakfast!

    Y'all, this stuff is insane!! My boys devoured the entire pan of this Maple Bacon Monkey Bread without even batting an eye - it's a good thing they at least let me get pictures before they inhaled it! Of course, when you combine maple syrup, Bacon, pecans - you know it's going to be good! Lawd have mercy, just look at all those biscuit pieces drenched in maple syrup and covered in Bacon and pecans!! Swoon!! I did get to taste a corner piece before it disappeared and I can't wait to make this again!! As it was baking my kiddos were coming into the kitchen like vultures wanting to know what I was baking - so be warned, it won't last long!

    Find this recipe here: http://www.lovebakesgoodcakes.com/2015/08/maple-bacon-monkey-bread.html

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