• Maple Candied Bacon! Posted on August 04, 2018

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    Maple Candied Bacon! Is it a snack, a dessert, a meal? No matter how you eat it, this Maple Candied Bacon from Closet Cooking is seriously is the best food ever!! It’s smoky, salty, Bacon goodness covered in a crispy layer of candied maple syrup!

    With only three ingredients it is so easy to make! Just bake the Bacon, basting it with maple syrup and brown sugar. As the the Bacon gets crispy, the maple syrup and brown sugar will caramelize into a delicious candied coating! A magical combination of sweet and savory!

    Go ahead, try not to eat it all straight out of the oven!

    Check it out here: https://www.closetcooking.com/maple-candied-bacon

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