• Maple Hot Bacon Dressing! Posted on September 02, 2019

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    Maple Hot Bacon Dressing! Do you like sweet salad dressing? You got it. Tangy? It’s here! Creamy? Of course! And the salty, smokiness of Bacon? Oh yeah! Then you will find it all in this warm salad dressing recipe.

    The thick texture gives a sweet and tangy coating to the lettuce, and the Bacon adds just the right amount of smoky, salty flavor. Even the simplest salads become a truly gourmet addition to any meal. It’s perfect on a simple iceberg wedge, tossed with romaine, used to lightly wilt spinach, and so much more.

    Check it out here: https://cupcakesandkalechips.com/maple-hot-bacon-dressing/

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