• Monday Madness! Posted on March 12, 2012

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    Monday Madness! Paddy Long's Bacon Bomb Challenge! If you’re up for this challenge, all we can say is good luck. You’ve got 45 minutes to eat the full Bacon Bomb, which includes a huge side of fries. That’s just 45 minutes to eat all five pounds of ground beef and pork, the cracked pepper bacon center and brown sugar bacon weave. If you win, you get a T-shirt to celebrate your victory, a spot on the wall of fame so that your efforts will forever live in infamy, and of course, a free Bacon Bomb. If you lose…well, you get the join the throngs of other failed competitors. Website: http://www.paddylongs.com/paddy-longs-food/paddy-longs-bacon-bomb/

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