• Pumpkin Beer Bread W/ Bacon & Cheddar! Posted on November 06, 2016

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    Pumpkin Beer Bread W/ Bacon & Cheddar! For my beer, I didn’t actually use a real beer. I used a hard pumpkin cider that was full of spice and flavor, but acts just the same as beer. You can use whatever beer you’d like here – or use another flavor of hard cider instead! As long as it’s a beer or cider that you enjoy drinking. Then you’ll certainly enjoy eating it.

    The other wackadoodle thing I did was spread it with some leftover pistachio butter. Whaaaat. That’s not necessary, but it sure was delicious.

    Beer bread has SO much texture. It’s chewy but soft and the outside is almost crunchy. I knew that adding Bacon and cheddar would make for an even more delicious loaf and I couldn’t help myself. Plus some pumpkin spice, in a non-gross way? I’m all over it.

    Find this recipe here: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2016/10/pumpkin-cider-beer-bread-bacon-cheddar/

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