• Sauteed Bacon Mushroom & Herbs! Posted on November 08, 2015

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    Sauteed Bacon Mushroom & Herbs! I’m always on the hunt for something ridiculously easy to prep but tasty to go with my steaks.

    I usually do a quick sautéed spinach and or maybe some roasted Brussels sprouts, but last night I found a pack of mushrooms on sale (score!) and thought I’d put those to use instead.

    And since I don’t usually cook with mushrooms, I thought I’d throw in some chopped Bacon to the mix ‘cause you know… you can’t really mess up a dish when Bacon is involved, right?

    I also had half an onion on hand so I threw that in too, but that’s totally optional if you don’t.

    And after a quick sauté with all the ingredients, I had a skillet full of the tastiest, most tender mushrooms I’ve ever had. Paired perfectly with my steak too!

    Try this recipe as an awesome side to any protein, or just on its own!

    Click here to see it: http://blog.paleohacks.com/sauteed-bacon-mushrooms-herbs-recipe/

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