• Secret To Perfectly Cooked Bacon! Posted on March 14, 2016

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    Secret To Perfectly Cooked Bacon! Make your morning more delicious! Everything tastes better with Bacon. I consider this one of the main philosophies by which I live my life. Do unto others; better safe than sorry; extra Bacon on everything. But seriously, what dish was ever hindered by the presence of Bacon? None.

    Heck, people are even mixing the savory with the sweet and putting Bacon in desserts now. So now that we’ve established the fact that Bacon enhances all meals, the question is raised: how do you cook the perfect piece of Bacon? How can you ensure that all of my Bacon cravings are met, and not by a mediocre slice you under-cooked in the microwave, but by the unparalleled piece you’ve been dreaming of?

    Click here to see the answer: https://www.romper.com/p/the-one-secret-to-cooking-the-perfect-piece-of-bacon-thatll-make-mornings-more-delicious-6722

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