• Slow Roasted Tomato Blt! Posted on September 04, 2015

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    Slow Roasted Tomato Blt! For the last little while we have been in the middle of tomato season where the field tomatoes are perfectly sun ripened and just packed with flavor. One of my favorite ways to enjoy these tomatoes while they are at their peak of deliciousness is in a simple BLT sandwich where the juicy tomato takes the center stage and shines in all of its wondrous glory!

    After having enjoyed perhaps a few too many BLTs I wanted to change things up a bit and I remembered that I had wanted to try doing a roasted tomato BLT. As amazing as the tomatoes are right now, they get even better when you slowly roast them as their flavor concentrates, rather like a sun dried tomato. Oh, and then add Bacon, OMG amazing!

    Click here for the recipe: http://www.closetcooking.com/2011/09/slow-roasted-tomato-blt.html

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