• Sriracha Spiced Bacon! Posted on October 15, 2015

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    Sriracha Spiced Bacon! Now as this was baking the smell was pretty intoxicating and strong. I went for a mild-medium heat and my eyes were starting to tingle a little. I suspect that if I doubled the amount of hot sauce on this that I would be full blown tears. Not this may not happen to you. I’m hypersensitive to smells and stuff like this but if it does, just use caution and make sure to not touch your eyes or face with the sauce on it. When this came out of the oven the intensity of the heat died down and the smells were so warm and inviting.

    You just literally wanted to curl up next to this Bacon, hug it, call it your friend.. and then eat the entire pan in front of the world unapologetically. LOL

    … and that my dear, is exactly what I did (well meaning I ate the entire pan) but we won’t tell my trainer that, k?!

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.thekitchenwhisperer.net/2013/03/28/sriracha-spiced-bacon/

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