• Sticky Finger Maple Bacon Grilled Cheese! Posted on May 10, 2017

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    Sticky Finger Maple Bacon Grilled Cheese! There’s something very deep and satisfying about two sticky fingers at snack time. These are lessons we learn from (flamin hot) Cheetos, (cool ranch) Doritos, and (very spicy) Chicken Wings. Sticky fingers are dedicated for snack-to-mouth interactions, followed by licking. It’s the only way.

    This sandwich, unapologetically sticky and salty on the outside, is in the sticky finger solar system.

    This recipe is inspired by the Knife and Fork Grilled Cheese Sandwich I flipped by in the latest pages of Food & Wine Magazine. Where they see a knife and fork, I see sticky fingers. I’ve swapped their cheese, swapped their sticky-factor (from honey to maple syrup), and added Bacon… of course I did.

    Shall we? Click here: http://joythebaker.com/2017/04/sticky-finger-maple-bacon-grilled-cheese/

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