• The Perfect Bacon Sandwich! Posted on November 03, 2015

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    The Perfect Bacon Sandwich! According to Uncyclopedia.wikia.com, John Earl Montagu became the single most important man in the Bacon Revolution (not to be confused with Bacon's Rebellion) when he was the first man to eat Bacon between two slices of bread. This Bacon sandwich, the wonderful invention Montague made the moment he assembled the beautiful creation and masterpiece would become a phenomenon the moment Montagu sank his teeth in, chewed, savored, swallowed, and gave the sandwich two thumbs up.

    Soon after that night when Montagu first ate his masterpiece, everyone was eating Bacon sandwiches, amazed. The level of brilliance required to create such a work of genius was totally unheard of, especially in an era of awful ideas such as Monarchy and Royalty. Thus, John Montagu became forever immortalized by his magnificent creation. Over time, the Bacon sandwich would lead to the creation of, amongst many things: the Bacon Bacon Bacon sandwich, a Bacon sandwich using Bacon instead of bread to house the Bacon interior, as well as the fabled Bacon and Cheese Sandwich of 1905.

    Happy National Sandwich Day!

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