• We've Got Bacon! Posted on November 18, 2015

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    We've Got Bacon! We know many of you visit this page for our delicious daily Bacon recipes and other fun Bacon stuff. But, did you know we are also a Bacon store offering delicious and unique Bacon gifts?

    Everybody knows somebody who loves Bacon! Gift giving season is just around the corner and BACON makes a great gift! Bacon Addicts is your one-stop Bacon shop!

    You can shop with us right here on Facebook:

    Or, you can find us on Amazon here:

    We are also on eBay:

    And of course you can visit our web store here:

    So, no matter where you like to shop you will find Bacon Addicts and our awesome selection of bacon goodies and gifts!

    And remember, Bacon Addicts offers FAST & FREE US shipping on EVERYTHING!!

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