• Winter Is Coming! Posted on March 08, 2015

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    Winter Is Coming! I know, it's already here! Winter is also coming in another sense though. Game of Thrones is back soon-not-soon-enough. This is a time period that is far enough away that I shouldn't really be organizing a gathering already in its honor yet here I am, organizing away. This may or may not have been inspired by a copy of the Game of Thrones Cook Book, A Feast of Ice and Fire. For any fans of the book, or TV series, you will know that food and drink plays a huge part in creating the right atmosphere from the banqueting tables in the great halls at King's Landing to the cushioned tents on the plains of Essos .

    In preparation for a dinner party I road tested a couple of recipes, starting with the Bacon Lattice Beef Pie from Winterfell. The recipe book shows the medieval and the modern day version, and I opted to make the modern day version as the medieval looked a bit more like a sweet beefy pork pie than a dinner pie. I'll be honest -the Bacon Lattice lid just looked cool as well.

    Read more & recipe here: http://en.paperblog.com/winter-is-coming-bacon-lattice-beef-pie-782260/

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